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Each year we cater to black bear hunters. We bait areas near camp which can be reached by car or boat. An experienced guide is included to assist your adventure. 302 square mile bear area.

Black Bear 6 Day Hunt


We guarantee an active bait. We take you to and from your stand every day.

Package Includes:

Housekeeping Cottage ($1495.00)

3 Home Cooked Meals ($1650.00)

1 Boat and Motor for fishing after a successful hunt

Hunt up to 2 stands in a week

Skin and prepare bear free of charge

Stay Saturday to Saturday

Hunt Sunday to Friday

Check in time 2:30 p.m. Saturday

(Deposit $350 US Funds Per Person) non-refundable

**All stands are baited 4 weeks prior to hunt**

Grouse, Fishing, Duck Hunting
Normal cottage rental price