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Discover resorts in Canada, a place so diverse that all your heart’s desires can be fulfilled. Ontario is the shimmering waters of more than 250,000 lakes and 100,000 km (60,000 mi.) of rivers, vast tracts of towering forests, long sandy beaches and the natural wonder of Niagara Falls.

WELCOME TO THE LAND OF 50,000 lakes, hundreds of rivers and a coastline that forms the shores of four Great Lakes. Our most northern point is at the same latitude as Sweden, while our southernmost tip is level with northern California. East to west, Ontario spans half the width of the United States. It’s no wonder we offer more to experience than any other place in the world. A great place for your next fishing trip.

Discover places where serenity and exhilaration combine to bring you the best fishing trip you’ve ever taken the one you’ve always dreamed of. MORE PLACES TO FIND WHAT YOU’RE FISHING FOR Not only does Ontario have a tremendous variety of freshwater sport fish, we also have the most places to catch them. From clear, cold lakes of only a few acres to the largest inland seas on the continent from rushing streams to big, brawling rivers… whether you seek your quarry from a boat or canoe, in chest waders or from shore Ontario has a spot for you. Ontario boasts the world’s largest number of lakeside resorts with facilities and services to suit every taste and every budget. Accommodations options can run from rustic and remote fly-in wilderness fishing trips & camps far away from civilization to luxurious shoreline resorts within easy driving distance

From Kenora to Kingston, Cochrane to Caledon, we’re rolling out the white carpet to welcome you to a place where winter is a season to embrace and revel in. We have the trails, towns and terrain to fulfil almost any snowmobiler’s fantasies. Whether you dream of table-top smooth groomed trails flanked by craggy cliffs…gliding across stake-marked frozen lakes with pine-lined shores roughing it in rustic cottages or relaxing at a luxurious resort tripping by day or trekking by night under the Northern Lights  … you’ll find the ultimate snowmobiling thrills in Snowmobile Paradise. The Ontario Federation of Snowmobile Clubs’ (OFSC) 261 member clubs, operating a 350 piece fleet of grooming equipment, restore trails as conditions permit. OFSC trails are generally 3 m (10 ft.) to 9 m (30 ft.) wide. Colour-coded signs and reflective stakes identify most main corridors and water crossings.

It is also cosmopolitan cities offering world-class entertainment, shopping and dining. And charming small towns with lots of local colour. Ontario Lodges have canoeing, hiking, cruising, biking, diving, rafting and a place where the fishing season lasts 12 months. Ontario is inviting accommodations ranging from hotels and resorts, to quaint country inns and B&Bs, to rustic cottages or camping under the stars. Wherever you go and whatever you do, there’s always more to discover in Ontario.